An update after our first volunteer meeting

An update after our first volunteer meeting

If you want to help out we still need some volunteers to help out in the planning and execution of the conference on 23 November. Read more about who we are looking for and get in touch on [email protected] if you want to take part.

At the meeting we described what the core organizing group has done so far in terms of establishing a formal association, setting up banking accounts and gathering sponsors. Our website and visual identity is still a work in progress but we hope to have something in place to show soon.

We have received quite a few talk suggestions but our goal is to have a small but successful first conference and grow from there. This means that we will focus on creating a single-day, single-track conference and have to say no to some of you who have suggested talks. 

We expect to release tickets in smaller batches starting some time in the next couple of weeks. Initially, the number will be limited to 100 plus volunteers. With an increased number of sponsors we might be able to release more at a later time but we want to ensure a great experience for those who come.

Our ambitions for the future are high but we want to make sure that we create a stable foundation for the future and get the Copenhagen infosec community involved in the process. Our next conference may be as early as in the spring of 2020 which means you shouldn't despair if your talk is not accepted for the inaugural event. 

We will close the CFP process this weekend but would love to see some suggestions for shorter talks. If you want get started with public speaking this is a good chance to do it in a friendly environment. 

Next week the organizers will review all of the submissions and we aim to get in touch with everyone who submitted a talk within the next weeks time. 

In parallel with the CFP process we have been working to secure a couple of notable keynote speakers and we will begin announcing them this weekend on the Radio 24/7 show Aflyttet with Anders Kjærulff on Sunday 6 October.

We look forward to welcoming you all to a great event in November!