To ensure that everyone has a chance to get at ticket, we have released tickets for the event in smaller batches.

There will be two types of tickets.  

  1. Ordinary tickets (Ticket - Donation)
    Will be completely free of charge - but will include the option to donate what you want, should you feel like helping us with a small donation. This is in no way required, though. The most important thing is that you show up and share your knowledge with peers.

  2. Sponsor tickets (Firma Sponsor)
    Priced at 1,337 DKK for those who are able to support the conference in this way e.g. by getting the ticket reimbursed.

Both ticket types will include a light lunch and pizzas in the evening. Tickets and registration are handled by using the links below.

Currently, we are sold out but we hope to release a limited amount of extra tickets before the event.

You can enter the waiting list for tickets at our ticket handler Billetto.